Teeth Whitening Package Options

There are three known teeth whitening package options that are available at PureSmile for today. All of the three has a varying concentrations of gel solutions made of non-peroxide elements and activated by the laser technology. Learn from here some of the packages you might want to avail.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Significant change in the color of the teeth for a shorter period of time will be the main advantage over the in-office whitening teeth treatment. This involves the careful application of the non- peroxide gel solutions, applied gently to the teeth by the dentist. This is applied right after wearing the protective gear to the gums. The solution can remain on the teeth for 15 to 20-minute interval and add up to an hour. Those with highly stained teeth may need more than one bleaching session and then continue with the use of at home-use whitening teeth products.

In-office teeth whitening cost: $150-200 per visit (on average) .

Take- Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Many dentists do recommend the use of the take-home whitening kit in support to the laser teeth whitening treatment. This can even more produce a great results as well in the long run. Take-home kits are an easy-to-use peroxide gel which can be lower than that of the in office treatment solutions. This will remain on the teeth for about an hour or so by the use of a custom-made bleaching tray like mouth guards.

Take-home teeth whitening kit cost: $50 to $100 (smallest size).

Generally, the teeth whitening treatment is safe for the naturally healthy teeth. It would be necessary to consult your cosmetic dentist to assure that you are safe from all the procedures. Also, pregnant or nursing mothers are advised not to avail the teeth whitening process as it may harm the child.